Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 13 Recap: The Last Night of the Abby Lee Dynasty?

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Tuesday on Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 13, Abby Lee Miller had to decide whether or not to make her daughter an official member of the Abby Lee Dance Company.

Meanwhile, Cathy took over the choreography for her Candy Apples in hopes of finally beating Abby Lee’s girls … good luck with that endeavor, Cathy.

Can she topple the Dance Moms dynasty once and for all? Follow the link to watch Dance Moms online to see for yourself, or come along for our recap ...

Making matters more stressful is Abby informing the moms that they need to bring in their white costumes from a previous competition for this week.

Unfortunately, Kelly Hyland has two of the costumes.

Since she got in that fight with Abby, who came at her like a teeth-gnashing beast, there's a restraining order involved, so ...  Abby needs someone else to contact Kelly.

If they don’t get the two costumes from her, then two of the Abby Lee dancers are going to have to sit out of this routine. Only no one wants to contact Kelly. Wonder shy.

Peyton’s mom Leslie is panicking because Peyton doesn’t have a costume, two days before the event. She calls Kelly and leaves her a voicemail, again.

Abby Lee’s dance team is rehearsing their group dance, but Abby is in a “rotten mood” (even more than usual) because Christi cursed her out before rehearsal.

Abby says the next mom who swears at her is off the team, while she is still furious that Kelly hasn’t turned over her costumes with less than two days to go.

The Dance Moms bring in their old white costumes from other routines and show them to Abby, in hopes that there are alterations to be made for this dance.

Leslie is furious because none of the costumes fit Peyton, but Nia and Kalani have white costumes so they can join the trio. Sure enough, Abby boots Peyton.

Abby and her team arrive in Ohio, where Leslie drops an f-bomb and Abby boots her from competition, saying no one on her team is allowed to use profanity.

Kalani takes the stage to perform her first solo as an official member of the Abby Lee Dance Company, proving she can "certainly handle the pressure."

After Cathy’s team dances strongly, Abby confesses she is a “little nervous” that her reign might end. Then her own unit gets off to a rocky start.

Abby mentions to the judges that she thinks her team was “set up” by the excessive noise at the beginning, but soon enough, her worries are for naught.

Kalani wins the overall first place dance solo, and Abby’s team wins the Junior Group Award. Candy Apples' Cathy looks dejected in the audience.

Abby and her dancers head to the dressing room to celebrate their 11th straight win. The Dance Moms Dynasty lives on, people. Un. Stoppable.