Andi Dorfman DESTROYS Juan Pablo Galavis: Relive The Bachelor Epic Breakup!

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The Bachelor Season 18 has been billed as the most controversial one EVER, but the overdramatic, Chris Harrison-narrated promos say that every year.

In truth, it's probably one of the least controversial ... but also the most realistic.

Tuesday, Andi Dorfman took Juan Pablo Galavis to task, confessing that she couldn't wait for their "fantasy" date to end and telling him all the reasons why.

Across the U.S., everyone's worst date experience flashed before their eyes:

"Not once did he really ask anything about me," Andi Dorfman told the cameras.

"I'm not unsure," the next Bachelorette reiterated. "I know he's not the one."

The fact that Andi announced the relationship was over, and so bluntly, before Juan Pablo could do or say anything about it illustrated what a crap shoot dating is.

Also, it was illuminating in part because there was no ulterior motive, no dastardly deed or "there for the wrong reasons" hook to this Andi-Juan Pablo confrontation.

He's just kind of an average, selfish, sexist douche who she's just not into.

Juan Pablo talked about other women, used honesty as an excuse for being an ass and seemed not at all interested in getting to know Andi beyond the superficial.

The Bachelor loves to sell fans on the "connection" couples forge, but Andi was more interested in talking about religious beliefs, careers, life, and so on.

The very things that would make or break a real relationship. Imagine that.

At a certain point, his lack of interest and their lack of "connection" beyond being attractive people was too much for her to bear, and she did not hold back.

"I want to die if I have to hear 'it's OK' one more time," Andi told him.

There wasn't much "controversial" about Andi breakup up with a guy who she believed wasn't on her level in terms of taking this seriously. That's just life.

Will she have better luck as The Bachelorette this summer? Or will she be saying nothing more than "ess oh-kay" when presented with 25 suitors of her own?

Better step up, guys. Serious applicants only, please ...

Tonight on the Women Tell All special, things should get even more interesting with Juan Pablo in the hot seat and probably facing more criticism like this.

As always, you can watch The Bachelor online at TV Fanatic to see episodes of the reality franchise in full, and share your comments below with THG ...

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