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Elizabeth Hurley has denied ever having an affair with Bill Clinton, and the man who made that allegation is now also saying that it didn’t happen.

In an undated audio tape obtained by celebrity gossip site Radar Online, the ex-boyfriend of Hurley, Tom Sizemore, is heard recalling how he set them up.

Only nothing of the sort ever took place, he now concedes.

Tom Sizemore: Bill Clinton-Elizabeth Hurley Story is Not True

Sizemore, at the White House for a Saving Private Ryan screening, said Bill asked him for Hurley’s number and when he hesitated, got pissed, saying:

"Give it to me. You dumb motherf—r, I’m the Commander-in-Chief of the United States of America. The buck stops here. Give me the damn number."

The troubled actor, who has battled with substance abuse, said on the tape that Clinton immediately called Hurley and sent a private plane to pick her up.


He went on to explain that Clinton and Hurley slept together that night and carried on seeing each other for a year. None of which is true, he now concedes.

Tom Sizemore changed his tune this week, not denying he made the aforementioned quotes but blaming his actions on his previous drug abuse.

"I’ve never met former President Clinton, and I’ve never known him to know Ms. Hurley," the actor said. "I’m not denying that I said these things."

However, "I don’t remember saying these things."

"My perceptions were not the greatest," he added about his drug-addled days, from which he claims the tape of his tall sex tale was recorded.

Clean since May 2009, Sizemore said he continues to take drug tests frequently and has yet to fail one during his sobriety … so that’s good at least.

For her part, the 48-year-old supermodel Hurley denied having sex with Clinton on Twitter and implied that she was getting her lawyers involved.

Apparently Tom got the message real quick.