The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 14 Recap: Out of the Bag

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Well... that was a letdown.

Following many weeks off the air, The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 14 aired a disappointing installment that barely moved the story forward and didn't bring viewers close to the edges of their seats.

Katherine (posing as Elena) tried too seduce Stefan, who somehow didn't figure out that the person acting totally strange (and totally smart about history) was really his psycho ex.

Well, he did figure that out later on with the help of Caroline. But it felt a bit anti-climactic and obvious at that point.

Nathaniel Buzolic Almost Played a Salvatore

Elsewhere, Damon tried to feed on Enzo, only Dr. Wes and his traveling mates upped the acidity of Enzo's blood for some reason because they have plans for him.

Tyler? He came to Caroline's rescue when the moment called for it, biting Nadia and maybe killing her - but he then told Caroline they can't really be all good because she slept with the guy who killed him mother.

That's always a deal breaker for us, too.

There was no Bonnie and there was no Jeremy and no one exactly cared. Let's hope they are off having crazy sex with each other at least.

Where do you stand on TVD these days? Is it lacking momentum? A direction? Fresh storylines? Cool villains?

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