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Scandal Season 3 Episode 11 was the show’s first episode of the new year, following its midseason/Kerry Washington pregnant hiatus. But it was worth the wait.

One month has passed since we last left the addictive ABC drama, with Sally’s murder of Daniel Douglas and Jake taking over leadership of B613.

This week, we learned perhaps above all else that Eli Pope will not go quietly into the night. The Prez may have met his most unpredictable and formidable enemy.

David Rosen - Scandal

Invariably, someone leaks details about Daniel Douglas’ death to the media, causing Cyrus and Leo, Sally’s campaign manager, to team up to quash the scandal.

That could be the end of a lot of people’s careers. Cyrus is not about to have that.

He enlists Charlie, again, to do what it takes – in this case having Quinn kidnap a child as a means of forcing the medical examiner to cover up Douglas’ murder.


We know there’s nothing Cyrus won’t do to protect himself and his boss – mostly himself – but watching it play out in Scandal Season 3 Episode 11 was awesome.

Meanwhile, Sally Langston announces she is running for President on a third party ticket, yet won’t step down as V.P. to do so. That’s not awkward at all.

Fitz, Olivia, Mellie, and Cyrus are left scrambling after that bombshell.

Mellie and Olivia join forces and start scheming to get Fitz reelected, but when Fitz chooses his new Vice Presidential candidate, Olivia is not thrilled with him.

Andrew Nichols, Fitz’s V.P. ticket-mate, is also Mellie’s ex-lover.

Speaking of Mellie, Olivia is outed as the President’s lover, again, so Mellie adopts a new plan of frequent photo ops with Liv in order to quell the speculation.

Good luck with that, but it’s not a bad strategy. In any case, Olivia and Fitz are (or at least were) hot and heavy again following her return to his campaign.

A campaign that should only get more interesting this spring!

Miss the episode? Want to see it again in full? Follow the link to watch Scandal online at TV Fanatic to catch it from start to finish, along with past episodes!