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On Rich Kids of Beverly Hills Season 1 Episode 5, Dorothy and Morgan check out a new apartment, which must be fun when you don’t earn the money to pay for it.

She has an image in her head of how she wants the apartment looks, but she just needs to find the perfect interior designer to execute her vision.

Yes, this is the premise of the entire episode. We kid you not, THGers.

People watch Rich Kids of Beverly Hills online. It’s unclear why.

Meanwhile, Morgan and Brendon go car shopping. Morgan wants him to buy a Range Rover, because – wait for this – there is room in the back for a stroller.

Please, don’t rush into procreation, you guys. Please.

Family or no family, Brendon settles on the Range Rover, because it’s such a good deal at $145,000. That’s before taxes, title and registration, mind you.

At lunch, Morgan mentions that Dorothy is looking for an interior designer. Roxy is, like, so excited, ’cause she just started an interior design business.

Since her parents “cut her off” she has been looking for work and needs to build a client base. We would probably hire just about any other living human.

Dorothy slams Roxy as “like an intern or something,” which makes Jonny upset, as he knows that she knows that Roxy is no such thing. It was just a dig.

The next day, Morgan confesses to Dorothy that “Brendon is the one.” The one for what, we’re not sure. Hopefully not for procreation, we’ll just reiterate that.

Later at the club, selfie fanatics Morgan and Dorothy are loving the photo booth, while Jonny takes Roxy aside and tells her that Dorothy called her an “intern.”

Roxy is furious, as Dorothy knows that she has been “hustling her ass off” to get clients, and she is “totally insulted” that Dorothy would call her such a thing.

Fortunately, they have it out, make up and agree to play nice, and Rich Kids of Beverly Hills Season 1 Episode 5 ends on a happy and vapid note once more.