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The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills Season 1 Episode 4 saw the gang end the big Cabo trip in honor of Morgan and Brendan and their major milestone.

Because dating for one year merits a group trip to Mexico. #richkids

Of course, drama was off the CHAIN once again south of the border, and what could’ve been a relaxing vacation (from what, we don’t know) was anything but.

From Dorothy Wang and Roxy Sowlaty’s dinner beef (and we don’t mean of the Kobe variety) to Jonny Drubel’s lack of jet skiing skills, it was ON last night.

You don’t watch Rich Kids of Beverly Hills online looking for insight into a generation, as the E! promos state. You just watch for the vapid nonsense.

You watch to see these “kids” speak Spanish so badly you assume they must be kidding, ride in yachts and offend with stereotypes left and right.

You also watch for the in-fighting. To wit:

The real drama on Rich Kids of Beverly Hills Season 1 Episode 4 came at dinner, when Dorothy and Roxy had it out over a bill from seven years ago.

At least we think so. Was hard to tell.

Dorothy, you see, was plastered after drinking all day, and unable to endure any teasing, criticism, serious conversation … anything. Just LEAVE HER ALONE!

Soon enough, she as a crying mess, all the while insisting to the group that she has intention of crying. Pretty great stuff if you’re into this sort of thing.

Morgan Stewart chastised the group for “ruining her anniversary,” which is hilarious, given that she chose to celebrate her anniversary with these loons.

However, Dorothy’s drunken shenanigans eventually went from tense to good-natured fun and the trip ended on a reasonable positive note, so that’s good.

Hey, take what you can get, right?