Philip Seymour Hoffman Overdose: 65 Bags of Heroin Found at Scene

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We have an update on the tragic passing of Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Authorities tell ABC News that approximately 65 bags of heroin were found inside the actor's West Village Apartment on Sunday, with investigators also uncovering used syringes, drug paraphernalia and prescription drugs at the scene.

Police are now using symbols etched on the bags (many of which relate to playing cards) in an attempt to track down Hoffman's drug dealer.

An autopsy will be performed late today and results may be revealed later in the week.

Hoffman, 46, spent 10 days in rehab last May for heroin addiction.

New reports say he was spotted at an Atlanta last week and had recently fallen off the wagon. A photo has even surfaced on TMZ of Hoffman passed out aboard a plane, allegedly soon after his Atlanta drinking binge.

Hoffman was found dead with a hypodermic needle in his arm in the bathroom of his apartment over the weekend. He had been sober for 23 years prior to last year's relapse.

Tweets of sympathy have been coming in from around Hollywood, along with a bit of controversy from actor Jared Padalecki, who wrote that the death of a drug addict is not a tragedy.

He is survived by three young children - son Cooper and daughters Tallulah and Willa - and longtime partner Mimi O'Donnell.

An insider says he was scheduled to pick up his children from O'Donnell on the day he passed away.

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