Kristen O'Connor: Disappointed Over American Idol Ousting, Psyched for Future

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Well, someone had to be first.

On the first elimination show of 2014, American Idol voted out Kristen O'Connor Thursday night, a Wild Card entrant who knew she had no chance at earning the judges' save.

Kristen O'Connor Eliminated

"I think we all knew that no matter who it was, they probably weren't going to save them," O'Connor told reporter backstage. "I knew especially for me it wasn't going to happen no matter how good the performance was. So I just knew I wanted to go out with a bang and I was proud of the performance I gave."

Kristen was in the Bottom 3 along with MK Nobilette and Malaya Watson. 

She grew teary-eyed backstage, but she tried to keep herself calm and positive.

"I am going to take so much away," the aspiring singer said. "From the time of my audition to right now, I have learned so much about who I am as a musician, about making good choices, performing and the importance of stage presence - just so many things that I think will help me in the future to perfect my craft."

What, exactly, does that future hold?

Less anxiety, at least, Kristen won't miss the pressure of performing in front of the judges. She concluded:

"I'm definitely very disappointed to go home but I'm excited to see what doors this is going to open up for me because I'm sure it will."

Do you think American Idol viewers made the correct choice in ousting O'Connor?

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