Khadijah Muhammad, Waitress in Financial Trouble, Gets $1,075 Tip on $29 Bill

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Khadijah Muhammad, a struggling waitress in Tennessee, received a shocking surprise at work recently from a couple whose table she'd been serving.

When she saw that the family she'd just waited on left their check turned upside down on the table, she figured they had given her a poor tip ... not this:

She received $1,075 in gratuity for the $29.30 check, according to reports.

Muhammad had recently returned from Ohio, where she'd rushed to be with her ailing mother who had just suffered a heart attack, reports say.

Khadijah missed so much work she realized she'd need "a miracle" to pay her utility bills, she said later, and that miracle was that generous family.

It's unclear what inspired them, but what a nice story. In related news:

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