Dumb Starbucks: Parody Coffee Shop Opens in L.A.

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The grand opening of a parody coffee shop called “Dumb Starbucks” in Los Angeles' Los Feliz neighborhood became an Internet sensation this weekend.

The mock store is nearly identical to a typical Starbucks location, with tumblers for sale and trendy CDs, including "Dumb Jazz Standards," on display.

The menu features “Dumb Iced Coffee,” “Dumb Frappuccinos,” and a “Wuppy Duppy Latte” ... and pastries straight from their supermarket packaging.

Only iced coffees and lattes were available, though - for free, to promote the business - an upbeat barista told people after apologizing for the wait.

As word of the shop spread online, curious residents came to snap selfies in front of the sign or photos of the line wrapped around the strip mall.

Rumors about the Dumb Starbucks store’s origin spread through the crowd. Is it a marketing ploy? A pop-up art installation? A reality TV show?

Whatever it is, it's very L.A.

“It’s a ballsy move on their part,” said Ilya Khramtsou, 24. “It feels like they’re sticking it to the company. Everybody drinks Starbucks coffee, like zombies.”

“I hope it’s an art thing vs. a business thing,” said another customer. “I’d love to see a chain of dumb McDonald’s and dumb Cheesecake Factories.”

People can go to any mall anywhere and have the same experience at every such chain, which is perhaps Dumb Starbucks' ironic point? It's unclear.

Starbucks is aware of the parody and is “looking into it,” said a spokeswoman, declining to say whether legal action would be pursued or if it could be.

An email sent by the L.A. Times to Dumb Starbucks was not immediately returned, perhaps because the dumb email servers aren't fully operational yet.