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Duck Dynasty Season 5 Episode 7 featured Willie attempting, once again, to motivate his employees at the warehouse, and once again, that wasn’t easy.

His latest tactic, installing an ice cream machine at work, made Jase and Si offended at being treated like kids, even though they are totally overgrown ones.

Godwin was pretty stoked, though … which goes without saying.

Watch Duck Dynasty Season 5 Episode 7 Online
Watch Duck Dynasty Season 5 Episode 7 Online

Jase then comes up with a better idea in the form of an all-terrain Argo Amphibious ATV, a beast of a machine that can traverse both water and land.

Basically, it’s a redneck’s dream toy, and it was theirs for the taking.

Assembling their duck calls to earn points which they could then cash in to use the Argo, the competition was on in Duck Dynasty Season 5 Episode 7.


Of course, Jase admits he put the ATV on Willie’s company card.

Perhaps a bit self-defeating to increase productivity among employees only by shelling out huge bucks on a frivolous expense, but that’s why Jase isn’t CEO.

Meanwhile, Phil just wants to watch The Bourne Identity, again.

Miss Kay is also dealing with technological issues, though nothing as severe as Phil not getting his TV to work. Willie has to teach his mom how to text.

Naturally, texting with one’s mom has its ups and downs.

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