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Will he or won’t he appear on Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 10? That question remains up for debate.

But will the Bruce Jenner sex change rumor actually become a reality? NO CHANCE, a friend of the reality star tells People.

Talk of Jenner undergoing this unusual procedure surfaced weeks ago after Bruce agreed to a “tracheal shave” and reduced the size of his Adam’s Apple.

But a pal says the sex change is an “absurd” topic to discuss, while another insider agrees.

“Bruce has never expressed interest in becoming a woman,” the second source says in the latest issue of the magazine. 

Having split from his wife of 23 years and permanently settled on his own in Malibu, the consensus seems to be that Jenner is just having a midlife crisis of some kind.

Some do worry that he’ll be the next Michael Jackson in terms of his addiction to plastic surgery… but multiple moles deny all talk of a gender switch.

“The guy is getting older and doing what he can to keep a youthful look. If that means plastic surgery, so be it,” an insider explains, acknowledging that Jenner is suffering from “an identity crisis.

But not a penis crisis. There’s a big difference.