Back to the Future Nike Power Laces: Actually Coming in 2015!!

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Movie fans, prepare to geek out, because the Nikes worn by Michael J. Fox's character Marty McFly in Back to the Future 2 are actually being made next year!

The occasion? It will be 2015, when the futuristic film was set ... ages ago.

Some things from the movie version of 2015 envisioned by the iconic franchise in the late 1980s are not likely to be produced next year, such as hoverboards.

Ditto accurate weather forecasts. Still working on that nowadays, right?!

Oh well, you gotta take what you can get, and it looks like you'll really be able to get Nikes with power laces like the ones McFly velcroed up in the "Future."

Back to the Future Nikes
Back to the Future Nike Power Laces

According to Movie Fanatic, Nike will produce these in a limited edition.

Expect them to fetch huge sums in secondary online markets, as demand will no doubt be through the roof thanks to movie buffs, rappers, hoopsters alike!

To relive the awesomeness of the original movie, watch Back to the Future online, and once we hear where these sneaks are available, we'll let you know!

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