American Idol Rush Week Recap: Dawg Daze

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Randy Jackson made his unwanted random triumphant return to American Idol last night.

On the first episode of Rush Week, the former judge debuted as an in-house mentor who offered such gems to contestants as "You’ve gotta give it your all" and "You’ve gotta give your best performance.”

Seriously, what would we do without the Dawg?

Randy Jackson Returns!

Viewers then learned that five women (Austin Wolfe, Kenzie Hall, Brandy Neely, Andrina Brogden and Jillian Jensen) were cut prior to singing a single note, leaving us with 10 to perform for their Season 13 lives.

But none of them actually knew in advance of the live show that they would be sticking around, leading to some dramatic fun of the women finding out their fate and them immediately being told to grab a mic.

Who excelled under this kind of pressure?

Majesty Rose was solid singing a rendition of "Happy," while Briana Oakley covered Demi Lovato to a surprisingly harsh critique from the judges.

At the end of the two hours, these women were left standing:

  • Majesty Rose
  • Kristen O’Connor
  • Brianna Oakley
  • Jena Irena
  • Bria Anai
  • Marrialle Sellers
  • Jessica Meuse
  • Emily Piriz
  • MK Nobilette
  • Malaya Watson

Whose performance did you like best?

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