Witnesses: Kanye West PUMMELED Harassing, Racist Teenager

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According to those who witnessed Kanye West coming to the defense of Kim Kardashian this week, the rapper could give Floyd Mayweather a run for his boxing money.

As previously reported, Kardashian encountered an unnamed 18-year old on the way to the doctor's office Monday.

He yelled racial epithets at photographers and then dropped the N Word multiple times when talking to Kim and talking about Kanye. Sources also say he threatened to kill Kardashian.

In response to the incident, West came flying in to the doctor's office waiting room and, according to onlookers, went totally berzerk on the racist loudmouth.

TMZ reports that Kanye landed at least 30 blows to the guy's head and body, as the victim tried to curl up and block the punches.

A receptionist was reportedly screaming at Kanye to "STOP!" the entire time, while Kim stood around in silence and a massage therapist eventually rushed in to break up the fracas.

West then left the building and Kim went into an office for a meeting.

The 18-year old has filed battery charges against West, who is facing a similar count for an attack against a photographer last July; while Kardashian plans to file her own police report because the guy made criminal threats against her.

It sounds like the teenager deserved some kind of comeuppance, but to this level? Then again, we all know Kanye can have a temper...

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