The Wolf of Wall Street Drops Record Number of F Bombs

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The Wolf of Wall Street is f-cking awesome.

Because it received a 74% on Rotten Tomatoes? Not exactly, no.

Because it has set a record for most uses of the F bomb over the course of a single movie. Yes, someone out there really keeps track of this stuff.

According to the tally, the word "f-ck" is used 506 times through Martin Scorsese's drama, which stars Leonardi DiCaprio and which is based on a true story of greed and excess in 1980s New York.

This figure breaks the record of 435 for a non-documentary, held by 1999′s Summer of Sam.

In case you were wondering: Scorsese's Casino used the curse word 422 times, while Goodfellas settled for a mere 300.

And in other recent movie news:

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