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Golden Globes drama? What Golden Globes drama?

The real action took place on Bravo last night, as The Real Housewives of Atlanta featured rude house guests, terrible friends and waterworks galore.

First, there was Kenya, ruining Porsha’s surprise by telling NeNe that Porsha was moving into her neighborhood. Did NeNe respond with a celebratory fist pump or a squeal of you? Of course not.

Real Housewives of Atlanta

She made Porsha cry by telling her she’s a bad pal for not keeping her informed of this decision.


The only question: Which is more annoying at this point, Porsha’s tears or Kenya’s complaining about them so loudly? Or, actually, maybe Kenya insulting Porha’s nice new home.

Yup, that’s the winner. These ladies really know how to do good friendship.

Of course, it’s also unclear why Porsha leased an 8,000-square foot home. For her and her dog. Yes, 8,000-square feet. Was this some kind of divorce strategy? Or is she just awful with money?

Elsewhere, Phaedra made the solid point that house guests are akin to fish. They must be kicked out after three days.

Seriously, Mal? Where on earth (or Mars… or Venus…) is it acceptable to show up on someone’s doorstep and announce you’re staying for two months?

Kenya, meanwhile, was dealing with her own annoying house guests: her dad. He actually told her daughter she has ugly feet. Isn’t that sweet? He also refused to put out his cigars and said he’s not taking orders from women.

Nice to see he thinks he’s living in 1912.

At least there was some laughter, as Kenya invited NeNe and Cynthia over to paint. Are these really the women you lure over with pizza and beer and think you’ll actually get the job done that way? And, wait a second… if you’re driving a Bentley, can’t you afford to hire an actual painter?

Perhaps the paint fumes got to her and that’s why she was playing with Baton Bob, who evidently passes for a “celebrity” in Atlanta. Kenya made wish to avoid twirling in the streets. You never know when an exasperated viewer will “accidentally” veer in her direction.

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