The Bachelor Season 18 Episode 4 Recap: Juan Pablo Got Seoul, Not Feelin' This (Sharleen) Joynt

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Juan Pablo Galavis' journey for love continued Monday on The Bachelor, and it included the revelation that one of the women is just not that into him.

That honest woman was NOT one of the ones sent home at the end of the night, however, as The Bachelor spoilers accurately predicted. So who was she?

Things getting pretty competitive when it came to spending quality time with El Bachelor in Seoul, South Korea, but that's to be expected on this show.

The real surprise was Sharleen Joynt revealing that despite signing on for the ride, she's not interested in Juan Pablo really. Or his daughter Camila, BTW.

"Kids, for me, is something that I never even thought about. I have dated someone who had a daughter... I was not ready for that," Joynt reveals.

So naturally, she went on The Bachelor to date a guy with a daughter.

Oh, but there's a twist, and we won't make you watch The Bachelor online for it (although you can, with one click): Juan Pablo gave her the rose anyway!

"I don't know if he's the one for me," she said, but to him, that's honesty, not a put-down. Still, it's hard to see if they'll click beyond the next week or two.

The best line of the night went to Kelly, who told Clare, regarding the octopus they were eating, "I know you've swallowed bigger things than that."

If only she would have continued explaining just what she meant.

Meanwhile, Juan Pablo would not kiss Andi, as he was playing a little hard to get this week, but he did give her the group date rose and call her "perfect."

Clare made a real connection with the man of the hour, who said that he feels "helpless" when it comes to her, thanks largely to her kissing skills. Puke.

Then there's Nikki Farrell. Oh, is there ever some Nikki Farrell.

Interrupting Clare's alone time with JP during the cocktail party, after she already secured a rose, was the kind of move reminiscent of Courtney Robertson.

Remember her? Yeah. No one liked her. She also won that season.

Nikki also said, "This blows. I'm halfway around the world and I'm going to be spending the day tomorrow with five other girls who are quite annoying."

Again with the confusion over what show we're on here. This is The Bachelor Season 18 Episode 4, not Grey's Anatomy, Nikki. Everyone is there to date him!

Eliminated: Lauren S., who JP also wouldn't kiss, and Elise. Bye.

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