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Shia LaBeouf may have retired from public life, but not from acting like an idiot.

The douchey actor was caught on camera last night head-butting a fellow bar patron in London, getting into the man’s face because – according to TMZ sources – the dude said something about his "girl’s mom."

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In another video taken after the scuffle, the former Transformers star is heard apologizing, telling a female "I’m not trying to have like anymore problems."

He also says he’s "super normal, like more normal than most." Which we’re pretty sure would make LaBeouf not actually normal, by definition.


LaBeouf has taken severe flak for awhile now after plagiarizing an artist for his short film, ""

He was the butt of a funny crack from Jim Carrey at the 2014 Golden Globes and responded by trashing Carrey as a bad parent.

He then apologized for that Tweet as well, after being told Carrey actually is not a bad parent. In other words:

Shia LaBeouf is a total moron.