Rich Wisken Pens Letter to JetStar, Complains About "Fat Mess" of a Fellow Passenger

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Rich Wisken makes his living as a comedian.

But he found nothing funny about a recent flight on board JetStar.

In a letter that has gone viral and split the Internet into two camps, Wisken GOES OFF on the Australian airline for sitting him alongside a rather large passenger in the Exit Row.

"As I boarded the plane, I mentally high-fived myself for paying the additional $25 for an emergency seat," Wisken wrote of the incident.

"I was imagining all that extra room, when I was suddenly distracted by what appeared to be an infant hippopotamus located halfway down the aisle. As I got closer, I was relieved to see that it wasn't a dangerous semi-aquatic African mammal, but a morbidly obese human being."

Much to Wisken's chagrin, he was unable to change seats, leading to a four-hour trip that was ruined by "fetid whiffs of body odour" that emanated from this "fleshy boulder."

Wisken goes on to complain that the flight attendants on board couldn't have cared less about his situation, even though plenty of other seats were available.

They were simply occupied by passengers lying across the entire row.

The comedian says this is not a joke; he's looking to be compensated for the "physical pain and mental suffering" that comes from being so close to "human blubber;" and concludes:

Imagine going out for dinner and a movie, only to have your night ruined by a fat mess who eats half your meal then blocks 50% of the screen. Isn't that exactly the same as having someone who can't control their calorie intake occupying half your seat on a flight? Of course it is, so that's why I'm demanding a full refund of my ticket, including the $25 for an emergency row seat.

Read the full letter at Wisken's blog and decide: Fair or foul?

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