Pretty Little Liars Winter Premiere Recap: Who's in the Box?!?

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Pretty Little Liars aired its 2014 premiere last night, focusing on one pressing question following the revelation that Alison is alive.

Who the heck is in her casket?!?

It's a rather important topic and it's one that has only just begun to be explored on Pretty Little Liars Season 4.

But this wouldn't be PLL if there wasn't a lot of romance on top of the mystery, so let' start with the shadiness relationship this side of Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison: Ezra asked Aria for another chance after she graduated high school… and then the two KISSED!

Seriously. For reals. This is not a good idea, Aria.

Emily and Paige, meanwhile, hit an obstacle in their relationship, as Emily felt a need to tell her girlfriend that her and Ali once got to first base.

Did the smooch really mean nothing, as Emily wants Paige to believe?

Or will a returning Ali lead to some serious lesbian drama?

Caleb, meanwhile, left Ravenswood briefly and returned to Rosewood… only to then break up with Hanna. HARSH! It all fell apart after Hanna asked about Miranda, unaware that character is actually dead.

But Caleb couldn't exactly tell her the truth about the supernatural dealings going on in that town, so he remained mum and that is that for these two. For now, at least.

Finally, we close on a positive note: Toby returned and discovered (thanks to help from Spencer) that his mother's death was not a suicide. The girls also learned that another girl went missing on the same night as Ali and they now presume her body was placed in Ali's casket.

Watch Pretty Little Liars online to catch up on the winter premiere and sound off: Are you really buying this? Is there more to the story? And how psyched are you to have PLL back on Tuesday nights?!?

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