Magazine Editor Apologizes for Wildly Racist Photograph

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An online publication called "Buro 24/7" published a story this week about Dasha Zhukova, the Russian editor-in-chief of Garage magazine.

It included a photo of Zhukova sitting on a chair, squashing an African-American woman lying on the floor down below.

And, shockingly, the photograph stirred up quite a lot of outrage across the Internet, with Claire Sulmers ( detailing it as an example of "white dominance and superiority, articulated in a seemingly serene yet overtly degrading way."

In response, Zhukova has come out with the following statement:

"The chair pictured in the Buro 24/7 website interview is an artwork created by Norwegian artist Bjarne Melgaard, one of a series that reinterprets art historical works from artist Allen Jones as a commentary on gender and racial politics.

"Its use in this photo shoot is regrettable as it took the artwork totally out of its intended context, particularly given that Buro 24/7′s release of the article coincided with the important celebration of the life and legacy of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr."

Zhukova adds that she regrets the use of something with "such charged meaning" and concludes:

"I utterly abhor racism and would like to apologize to those offended by my participation in this shoot."

Buro 24/7 editor, Miroslava Duma, took to Instagram and issued her own apology, which we've posted alongside the photo itself here:

Miroslava Duma Photo Controversy
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