Love & Hip Hop Season 4 Episode 12 Recap: Me and Erica is F---ing!

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VH1's Love & Hip Hop Season 4 Episode 12 saw the fourth chapter of the reality hit end on an explosive and dramatic note for many of the quasi-celebs.

Erica Mena, despite persisting that she's over the drama, is clearly all about the drama as she confronts her BFF about her ex-BF before her big show.

Of course, anyone familiar with this cast of characters knows from the onset that any detente between Erica, Cyn and Rich Dollaz is going to be tenuous.

That's the best case scenario, in fact.

Meanwhile, Tara is feeling down about Peter Gunz, but Yandy tells her that she'd be any man's prize. Oh, and she picked Tara to be the star in her new film.

Rich Dollaz reveals to Peter that Erica has been creeping at his apartment and they boned, but he wants to be discreet about it. Good luck there.

Peter enlists love advice from old pal Nick Cannon: “You need somebody you can be equally yoked with ... someone that’s willing to take that journey with you."

"And you know who’s gonna ride for you like that.”

Deep thoughts. Who knew that all you had to do to unlock the romantic mysterious of the universe was to watch Love & Hip Hop online. Props, Nick.

Peter then sits down for a chat with wife Amina.

“I don’t even know if you know what it means to be a husband,” she tells him, and he honestly admits, “I don’t ... I’m a work in progress but I want to try.”

He actually seems genuine about that, too.

Speaking of works in progress, Saigon and Erica Jean are happy living together and providing a real home for their child, despite the tumult in their past.

Those were the bright spots of Love & Hip Hop Season 4 Episode 12. Soon enough, however, it’s show time for Erica Mena and things get REAL.

Tahiry shows up to support her and runs into Rashidah, which opens old wounds and after their attempts to quash the beef fail, Tahiry decides to bounce.

Then it gets even worse. After Erica Mena's performance, Cyn and Rich start arguing, squabbling, beefing and disagreeing until he drops the bomb:

“Me and Erica is f—ing,” Dollaz says.

Oh no he didn't (oh yes he did).

Cyn goes running to look for Erica as Rich smiles. Erica tries to play the victim, Rich goes looking for them and things get so out of control that security has to intervene.

Just insane. Is it Season 5 yet?!

Meanwhile, Yandy gets a call Mendeecees, who has now been in jail for a year, and whose case is still stuck in the legal system. It's tough on her, clearly.

K. Michelle? Focused on her music and her family. When K. Michelle is the most pulled together person in a show, you know said show is off the chain.