Lena Dunham Responds to Vogue Photoshop Controversy: Who Cares?!?

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Lena Dunham covers the latest issue of Vogue, marking the first time this writer/producer/actress has graced the front of a national fashion magazine.

Cause for celebration, right? Or cause for celebration, according to some.

In an attempt to defend Dunham as "a woman who trumpets body positivity, Jezelbel paid $10,000 to Vogue for the star's untouched images from her new spread.

The website received them… and then printed a couple of the photos in order to depict just how the publication edited Dunham's eyes, chin, cleavage and other areas. To wit:

Lena Dunham Photoshop Pic

In the end, writs Jezebel, Dunham's pics "were not drastically altered," but "it's important to remember how unforgiving the media is when it comes to images of women."

It adds:

"Men are generally allowed to have pores and wrinkles; women are supposed to be "perfect" — a state that does not exist."

Mother Jones' co-editor Clara Jeffery, meanwhile, wrote on Twitter: "If [Lena]'s given us an image of a real woman on Girls, and they altered — perhaps without her consent, isn't that a paradox that should be explored?"

Not according to Dunham herself.

Her Twitter take on the whole ordeal? Some shit is too ridiculous to engage. Let's use our energy wisely, 2014.

In other words: go watch Girls online and relax, folks.

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