Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 5 Recap: This is Bigger Than School!

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The primary takeaways from Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 5 were that no one is safe ... and nothing is bigger than Abby Lee Miller's dance tutelage.


Melissa pulled her kids of our school to spend more time training, and Jill considered the same, making it clear where their priorities lie (frighteningly).

We're not bashing dance classes, the idea of children being driven by kids activities outside of education or even tour de force Abby Lee Miller specifically.

It's just that things often escalate to the point of no return, and the situation boils down to this eternal question parents should ask of themselves:

Is there a point where we're taking this too seriously?

Social commentary aside, Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 5 found Kendall, Brooke, her sister Paige, and Mackenzie in the pyramid's bottom tier.

Nia and Maddie were second; Chloe got the top spot.

Abby conjured up a dance routine based on the civil rights movement, which just sounds like it would be offensive and tacky, but no one's objecting.

When the venerable mentor suggests that Christi homeschool Chloe because it's worked so effectively for Maddie, Chloe commendably declines.

Mature beyond her years, that youngster. Respect.

At the competition, Mackenzie got the team off to a strong start ... or not. Abby concluded that any one of the team members could be dispatched.

Ouch. She's always a taskmaster, that Abby.

Nonetheless, the girls received a standing ovation for the group routine, with Holly front and center in the aforementioned, controversial civil rights-themed dance.

How did the results shake out after this?

Maddie and the trio won the top prize, but Mackenzie only finished second, a pill made even tougher to swallow by Abby's commentary and comparisons.

So it goes. Follow the link to watch Dance Moms online and tell us: Does this show set a bad example? Or is better than the critics give it credit for? Discuss!