Breastfeeding Law Would Make Practice Mandatory For Two Years in UAE: Right or Wrong?

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A mandatory breastfeeding law is part of a new, comprehensive Child's Rights Law being debated in the United Arab Emirates, according to reports.

Lawmakers could pass a bill that would require new moms to breastfeed babies for two years, the amount recommended by the World Health Organization.

Gisele Bundchen, who controversially stated that there ought to be a law forcing all moms to breastfeed, might get her wish in the Middle East nation.

Is that really a good idea, though? Even if you're pro-breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding Rocks

Supporters point out the same health and developmental benefits that American breastfeeding advocates do. It's not about that as much as this fact:

Can you really legislate something so personal and complicated?

Even members of La Leche League believe this law is too much, calling it a personal experience: "This relationship and bond cannot be legislated."

There is clearly a difference between advocating for the importance of parent-baby bonding and nutrition and taking away a woman's choice in the matter.

Not to mention the obvious issues with breastfeeding in public in the United Arab Emirates, where women are expected to cover up quite a bit.

As much as the intentions of those pushing for this law may be genuine, using coercion, punishments, criticism or laws to promote them may be misguided.

What do you think: Should breastfeeding be mandatory?

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