Average Women's Magazine Cover Spoofs Cosmo, is Hilariously Accurate

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A hilarious parody of Cosmopolitan and other women's magazines, entitled "Average Women's Magazine Cover," is making the online rounds, and for good reason.

Created in 2010 by writer and illustrator Brendan McGinley, it resurfaced this week on Twitter, and if you've ever seen a real Cosmo cover, you'll appreciate it.

Right down to the font, the spoof nails the publication's layout and its obsession with splashing SEX on the cover as many times as humanly possible.

The only difference? The fine print on this one is much more honest:

Average Women's Magazine Cover

Features all-caps, bold headlines like "Overanalyzing" and "The Shame & Guilt Issue," McGinley takes a funny, not subtle swipe at actual publications.

NAKED. It may not apply at all, but they're required to use that word.

Turning to Cosmopolitan for advice on sex, relationships, body image and women's health (mental and physical)? A dubious proposition at best.

From its awesome Christina Hendricks subheading to teasers like "Lose 30 lbs Fast, Chop Off Your Leg!", it'll make you think twice about such magazines.

Check out some amusingly similar, legitimate covers below:

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Miley Cyrus on Cosmo
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Lea Michele  on Cosmo Cover
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