American Apparel Pubic Hair Mannequin Stops Traffic, Stirs Controversy

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American Apparel has done it again.

The company - known for making provocative statements in order to drum up business - came out last year with a T-shirt that featured a menstruating, masturbating vagina.

And just when you thought it had reached the apex of inappropriateness, a retailer on New York City's East Houston Street debuted the following mannequin early this morning:

That is A LOT of pubic hair.

An employee at the store featuring this dummy said the look is meant to convey "rawness and realness of sexuality" and has been released now in time to increase sales for Valentine's Day.

Because nothing says I Love You like a giant bush, right?

We know Cameron Diaz is down with this mannequin. Are you? React to it now:

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