37 Celebrity Mug Shots: The Rich and Famous at Their Very Best!

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Anyone who follows celebrity gossip knows that while the paparazzi may snap an unflattering picture every so often, nothing can compares to a booking photo.

What makes their mug shots so great, in addition to the fact that many come along with hilarious stories, is that they represent stars' most candid moments.

No wardrobe here. No stylist. If there's makeup, it's likely rubbing off with tears. And lighting? Every police station has the same horrible, dim florescent bulbs.

Speaking of dim bulbs ... how about this moron?!

In honor of the DUI drag race that got Justin Bieber arrested, we compiled a tribute to the photographic mastery of law enforcement personnel nationwide.

Scroll through these great celebrity mug shots to see which famous people got popped, processed and photographed, just like the troubled singer, past and present: