Woman Fights Back Against Abusive Husband, Best Mug Shot Ever Ensues

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Officials say a domestic violence victim managed to fend off her husband's attacks by roughing him up in return, giving him a taste of his own medicine.

And providing us with possibly the best mug shot ever in return.

Best Mug Shot Ever

Derrick Maynard, 32, of Bartlesville, Oklahoma., had been drinking whiskey and was likely drunk when he began throwing objects and insults at his wife.

Maynard's wife told police that her husband then grabbed an unloaded rifle, pumped it several times, aimed it at her, and said, "you deserve to die."

Fortunately, she didn't - and he soon got what was coming to him.

An affidavit states that after Maynard began punching his wife in the head, the woman defended herself by kicking him several times in the face.

Maynard then lost his balance, likely due to his inebriated state.

Police arrived and arrested Maynard on suspicion of aggravated assault with a weapon and threatening to kill ... and the above photo was taken.

According to court documents, the assailant was already in the process of completing 52 weeks of mandated court-ordered domestic violence counseling.

He may need more counseling ... and more than counseling.

The abusive husband was arrested in September for domestic assault and battery, to which he pleaded guilty. Lesson not learned, apparently.

He is currently being held until his court date January 3.

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