Woman Arrested For Assault With Deadly Squirrel; Was Enraged Over Lack of Beer

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The holidays. Always bringing out the tension in relationships.

Who among us hasn't gotten so mad at a significant other for not bringing beer home from the store that they stabbed them with a squirrel at this time of year?

Are we right, people?

Helen Ann Williams, 44, was arrested for doing just that. She was just waiting for her boyfriend to come back from the store on Christmas morning with beer.

You know, because everybody needs to start boozing early on December 25. Their relationship/personal issues clearly run deeper than a single squirrel.

The guy was unsuccessful on his trip to procure the sweet, domestic macro-brewed nectar of the gods, because it was Christmas after all and stores are closed.

That's a valid excuse, but he paid the price for getting her hopes up.

Helen got pissed. So pissed that she bashed him over the head with a ceramic squirrel, which broke. She then stabbed him with the sharp pieces of it.

The North Charleston, S.C., resident was subsequently arrested.

According to reports, the duo tried to pass the whole incident off as the victim stumbling over and falling, but ol' Helen had blood on her hands. busted.

Williams was charged with domestic violence and booked. She is still being held at the Charleston County Detention Center with bond set at $10,000.

No word on the squirrel's condition as of press time.

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