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The legendary Ron Burgundy, portrayed by Will Ferrell, anchored the entire KXMB evening news in Minot, N.D. on Saturday, and it was kind of a big deal.

North Dakotans may have been shocked to see the San Diego mustached newsman in the anchor’s chair, but there he was, for the full half hour telecast!

Will Ferrell Anchors Local News as Ron Burgundy

The CBS-TV affiliate began with a quick video of shoppers eschewing big box stores and opting to support smaller businesses on Small Business Saturday.

As soon as that story, read by weekend anchor Amber Schatz, was finished, the cameras showed her at the desk along with her surprise co-host.

Sporting his trademark burgundy blazer and familiar voice, he declared "I’m Ron Burgundy, thank you for joining us tonight" before doing his thing.


And by doing his thing, we mean that the Anchorman 2 star launched into real headlines before going off on tangents and head-scratching lines.

"Amber, you look lovely tonight, are you married?" he asked his co-host, who replied that she’s not. "Well I am, so don’t get any ideas," quipped Ron.

Ferrell also expressed that he is very "fond" of mustaches right before another host asked Ferrell how long it took him to grow his famous facial hair.

"This? About 20 minutes," he noted dryly, man’s man that he is.

The sequel starring Ron Burgundy and the rest of news team from America’s Finest City hits big screen on December 18, nine and a half years after the original.

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