The Sound of Music Live With Carrie Underwood: As Bad As Advertised?

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Last night, NBC aired a three-hour live performance of The Sound of Music, the world's most famous and beloved musical of all time, starring Carrie Underwood.

The country star played Maria von Trapp, a role originated onstage by Mary Martin and belonging forever to Julie Andrews, who starred in the 1965 film.

It was a project seemingly destined for failure and ripe with opportunities for public mockery and unflattering comparisons to the original classic.

But was NBC's The Sound of Music really as bad as advertised?

Carrie Underwood in the Sound of Music

Underwood is, by all accounts, a talented singer and a terrific person, and came off as both last night. As an actress, on the other hand, she seemed ...

Pedestrian? Miscast? For many, it was hard to put your finger on.

The Sound of Music has a big cast, but it is Maria's show, and many reviewers felt that the American Idol winner lacked the gravitas to get it done.

With her on camera were theater veterans Audra McDonald, Christian Borle and Laura Bernanti, along with Michael Campayno and Ariane Reinhardt.

Her love interest, Captain von Trapp, was played by Stephen Moyer (True Blood), who also sang better than you might think. But beyond that?

The chemistry wasn't as palpable as it could have been.

Musicals can work on TV, but it can be tough. It's not true television and not true theater, making the jokes and dialogue feel a little stilted at times.

If nothing else, you have to give The Sound of Music credit as great theater, even if it felt a little out of place on prime time TV in the format it was presented.

What did you think of NBC's The Sound of Music?

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