Kanye West: Not Cool Anymore Because of Kim Kardashian?

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Call it the Kardashian kurse. Or just a combination of overexposure, public fatigue and being an unlikable, egotistical blowhard more often than not.

Either way, Kanye West is losing his cool ... and not just in the sense of blowing a gasket every time a photographer so much as glances at him.


The rapper's decline in popularity isn't just anecdotal. West’s concert this week brought just 4,500 fans to the Sprint Center, a venue built for 19,000.

He had to cancel several other shows throughout his nationwide tour and drew criticism when he stopped a Florida concert after only three songs.

In that case, Yeezus demanded that the lights be turned off before launching a profanity-laced tirade at the tech staff and storming off the stage.

One can understand how this might alienate some fans ... and his association with Kim Kardashian and her family may not be upping his appeal.

“We are often drawn to people who have an ego and confidence that is derived from their talent," notes human behavior expert Patrick Wanis.

But conversely, "an empty ego, based on a fake self-inflated image and concept, creates an over powering sense of desperation and superficiality.”

West's talent is real. As are quotes in which he likens himself to Jesus, Michael Jordan, Steve Jobs, Nelson Mandela, Michelangelo and Michael Jackson.

After a while, you can't help but roll your eyes.

Or be offended, when he blurts out things like "black people don’t have the same level of connections as Jewish people,” as he recently opined.

And then there's Kim. A study released in November suggests that his connection to the Kardashians may be a reason for his popularity decline.

Q Scores, a website marketers use to measure recognition, reported that West’s popularity has dipped a whopping 66 percent since he got with Kim.

It makes sense if you think about it.

"When putting two egotistical, self serving individuals together, you'll create a rather vile spark," says California-based PR expert Angie Meyer-Olszewski.

"And in times of economic hardship across the country, bragging about materialism is typically frowned upon. The Kardashian brand is a sinking ship."

"Anybody who jumps on board will eventually fall. A successful celebrity in his own right, Kanye made a horrible strategic decision by engaging with Kim."

Not only that, they procreated and made North West! A cute baby, yes. And also a link to Kim that will never be broken in the eyes of the public.

Kim is also infiltrating his professional life.

His video for “Bound 2,” co-starring his topless fiancée and baby mama, become an instant laughingstock, parodied by Seth Rogen and James Franco.

So how can 'Ye turn this thing around?

“He can definitely win back fans, as soon as the attention moves back to music since he is such a talented artist,” says PR company owner Elissa Buchter.

“The amount of ego you're allowed to get away with is directly proportional to success of your projects," she notes, so he has to put up or shut up.

As long as Kanye West rap songs are on top of the charts, this expert believes, "his romantic life isn't going to crush his credibility as a superstar.”

Even if Kim and Kris Jenner are mentioned in the same breath as he is every time his name is spoken or his image comes to mind? Stay tuned.

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