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They finally make it to Savannah and The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 6 Episode 8 argue over “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past” while Porsha Williams tries to figure out where the train went. We don’t know whether to laugh or cry but we recap it all in our THG +/- review.

We pickup where we left off last week with the ladies on the bus to Savannah and talk about marriage makes Porsha cry so hard that her makeup is literally sliding off her face. – Minus 12.

Porsha’s day goes from bad to worse. On the bus ride she seems to say that if a wife isn’t having sex with her husband every day then she should expect him to cheat and “I feel that all wives should be submissive to the right person.” Minus 33. 

Real Housewives of Atlanta

Whoa. Apparently Kordell really had this girl trained. But if that’s really what he wanted then why did he let her go?


The bus finally pulls into Savannah at 9pm. What took so long?  Atlanta to Savannah is about a three to four hour drive. Even with Kandi being three hours late, what accounts for the extra three hours? Minus 10. Did they stop for some emergency shoe shopping because that’s a lot of potty breaks along the way. 

The Wedding Cake Mansion is an odd combination of creepy with a side of cheese or as Phaedra Parks “It’s like being in a nice, cozy, chilly mortuary.” Plus 14 because we can’t really disagree.

In an act of utter rudeness, Kandi Burress makes a made dash for the master suite. Minus 25. I don’t usually like to do this but I have to agree with Kenya Moore on this one. The master should go to the host who put the trip together. And when have we ever seen Kandi run for anything?

Speaking of Kenya, she was trying to cause trouble everywhere she went. First she got everyone all riled up on the bus. Then she attempted to get NeNe Leakes to confront Kandi over the room issue.

Plus 40 to NeNe who held her temper despite Kenya’s prodding. The girl has come a long way since season 1. 

NeNe’s friend Mynique came along on this trip. Is she looking for her spot as a Housewife next season or just her 15 minutes of fame? Either way the girl should have invested in a Housewives translator. It’s hard to fight back when you have no idea how someone’s insulting you.  Minus 15.

And why would she bring up her husband’s old girlfriends? That was just dumb but it sure made Kenya’s day. She couldn’t get enough of digging into Chuck’s sexual exploits with Kandi and Phaedra. Leave it to Kenya to ask them all, “What was the sex like?”

Just for the record, it sounds like Chuck was Kandi’s sugar daddy (which is probably why Momma Joyce likes him) and Phaedra was his booty call. 

Seriously ladies, this was all 20 years ago. Shouldn’t it all be filed under Who the hell cares? Minus 21.

But the most hilarious and yet pathetically sad moment was Porsha’s education, or lack thereof on the Underground Railroad. 

The trip to the First African Baptist Church in Savannah was fascinating. The church was beautiful and filled with historical significance. I found it both inspiriting and horrifying that people made there way through 4 foot high crawl spaces and used tiny holes in the floor boards for fresh air as they tried to escape slavery. Plus 50 to the show for five minutes of actual significant content.

And then in the middle of this captivating look into our nation’s history, Porsha had to open her mouth. 

What is that saying…It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt. 

Wow! We knew Porsha was no genius but this is beyond comprehension. As the Pastor explained how the crawl spaces of the church were used as part of the Underground Railroad and many of the exits and entrances are still unknown, Porsha responded, “There’s got to be an opening for the railroad at some point. Cause somebody’s driving the train. It’s not an electric like we have now. ” Minus 65

What makes it all even sadder is that her grandfather was Hosea Williams, a civil rights leader who was Martin Luther King Jr’s right hand man. 

Porsha claims to help run her grandfather’s foundation but she apparently doesn’t know anything about her own history…or read a grammar school history book for that matter. 

On the upside, plus 27 to the rest of the Housewives as their jaws hit the floor. When Phaedra said education was important, she really wasn’t kidding.

Episode total = -50! Season total = -438! 

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