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It was “Midnight in the Garden of Tea and Shade” but it was hard to figure out what The Real Housewives of Atlanta were more upset about. We recap all the bugs, brawls, and bawling in our THG +/- review.

Honestly, you’d think Phaedra Parks was watching an ax murderer from the look on her face here…

But we’ll get back to that in a bit. 

Real Housewives of Atlanta

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 6 Episode 9 could have been a Barbara Walters Special there were so many tears shed during the hour. I’m sure that Savannah mansion probably had to restock on Kleenex by the time the ladies were gone.

Minus 20 because as NeNe Leakes said, watching everyone crying their eyes out really wasn’t a lot of fun.  Of course NeNe caused her share of the water works.

Did anyone else find it funny that NeNe was handing out parenting advice? 


She touted how she was raised strict…and where did that lead?  NeNe was a single, teenage mom and a stripper.  And her own son shows no signs of marrying his baby’s momma.

Minus 33. NeNe’s lucky Cynthia Bailey burst into tears instead of firing back about NeNe’s own flawed parenting style.  Because when NeNe started inferring that all the girls at the mall are twerking and slutty, that was just going too far.

Just as I didn’t expect NeNe to turn on Cynthia, I really didn’t expect Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams to have a bonding moment over children…or the lack of them. 

Plus 15. I doubt it will last long but it was kind of nice to see them sharing their issues over wanting children. 

I couldn’t quite understand what NeNe was telling Porsha to do. Stop her divorce? Minus 25. Kordell kicked her out of their home and served her with divorce papers. I really don’t see what’s left to discuss. 

In the spirit of all of this female bonding, Kenya decided to mend fences with Phaedra. Plus 10 for the effort, even if it was the biggest waste of time of the hour. I don’t think one weekend away can heal all the damage these two have inflicted on one another.

And as Phaedra said off camera, “I have children to feed, people to bury, and cases to try so honey please visit someone else because I don’t have time for it.”  

I had to laugh when Kenya shared her views on her supposed relationship with Apollo. “I don’t need to troll around a prison yard for a man.” Plus 18. Yeah, if Apollo’s a catch then that’s not saying much for the men of Atlanta.

The woman finally get a night to let loose and unwind and they hit a drag club. Really? I’m not quite sure why they’d want to run out to see men dressed as women but to each his own.

But was Kenya really comparing NeNe to one of the drag queens?  Minus 12. There’s no way that won’t come back to bite her at the reunion show.

And as they all hung out afterwards eating amazing Southern food, you would have thought a mad bomber entered the room.  

No. All of that screaming and diving for cover was due to a bug. OK. A really big bug…but still just a bug. Minus 22.

And did they really have to waste an entire roll of paper towels to kill it? Couldn’t someone have donated their over priced shoe to the cause?  Nevermind. When your shoes are worth thousands I suppose they aren’t used as bug killers. I can only imagine how much extra they’d charge. 

Episode total = -69!                                                           Season total = -507!