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When it comes to baby gear, the market is full of products many parents must have. Like a car seat, diapers, blankets, onesies, and wine. (For the parents, not the baby. FYI.)

Then there are products companies will market as must haves which are probably just really, really bad ideas.

Like the Fisher-Price iPad Apptivity Bouncy Seat.

This is a real thing parents are supposed to buy and use with their infants. IN-FANTS.

iPad Apptivity Seat For Infants Is a Real Thing

Bouncy seats aren’t a bad idea. Not at all. They let moms and dads pee in peace and maybe, just maybe, do a load of laundry or eat a meal with both hands.

The Fisher-Price iPad Apptivity Seat is the wave of the Wall-E future. Plug them in to a screen and go on about your day! HOORAY! 


The American Academy of Pediatrics specifically states that children 2 and under should receive NO screen time. AT ALL. None. 

Is that realistic for modern families? Maybe for some families, but probably not for many. And devices like iPads and iPhones and other tablets make it that much more difficult. 

But does that mean we should park our kids in their very own barca loungers with devices 10 inches from their faces and just go ahead and give in to the inevitability of screens? 

Probably not.

Fisher-Price released a statement to the Huffington Post which states:

We appreciate parents sharing their concerns about our Newborn-to-Toddler Apptivity Seat. We can understand how, at first glance, it may appear that the screen is always in front of baby with an iPad® in place. We’d like to point out that parents can remove the toy bar that holds the iPad completely or they can choose to use the toy bar with just the mirror. The Apptivity portion of this product is there when parents want it and removable when they don’t so they have options for using the product that are most comfortable for them and their child over the course of time the seat will be in use (up to toddler age).

Fisher-Price wants you to know that the bar holding the iPad is removable! Which is sort of hilarious because they certainly don’t advertise that at all. 

Watch their advertisement for the iPad Apptivity bouncer and see if you can spot the seat without the bar attached.

Did you see it? The tiny little inset image in the bottom left corner of the third picture buried there in the middle of the mom and baby bonding over The Giggle Gang?

Come on, Fisher-Price. Parents and kids deserve better.

What do you think? Is the iPad Apptivity Bouncy Seat a good idea?