Salvation Army Volunteer Wishes Woman "Happy Holidays," Gets Assaulted

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The alleged war against Christmas took its battle to a new low front this week:

A Walmart in Phoenix, where a Salvation Army volunteer named Kristina Vindiola says she was wishing customers "happy holidays" when a woman stopped and approached her.

"The lady looked at me,” Vindiola told an ABC affiliate. “I thought she was going to put money in the kettle. She came up to me and said, 'Do you believe in God?' And she says, ‘You're supposed to say Merry Christmas,' and that's when she hit me."

Vindiola says the lady struck her in the arm and then went inside the store like nothing happened.

The manager called the police, but surveillance video didn't provide enough evidence to arrest the alleged assaulter.

Still, this is the latest example of an ongoing battle between those who believe Christmas is being disrespected and those who... don't.

Bill O'Reilly, for instance, believes Santa is white, but also that this debate is irrelevant. What's important is the spirit of the holiday season and how it "transcends all racial boundaries."

We can't believe we're saying this, but we agree with Bill O'Reilly.