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Rappin’ For Jesus, a video uploaded earlier this year that went viral for obvious reasons, made the rounds again on Christmas … also for obvious reasons.

Some might say all the wrong reasons.

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The low-tech music video features an alleged pastor named Jim Colerick and his wife rapping about their relationship with their homeboy Jesus Christ.

Calling him a life changer, miracle arranger, and "drink exchanger" (turning water into wine, etc.), they go on to list many other memorable achievements.

While it’s undeniably silly and campy, the video isn’t too disrespectful … at least until you get to the chorus, which repeats "Jesus Christ is my n—-r."


The line is rapped by both the pastor and his wife, so much so that the "Rappin’ For Jesus" video became an instant Internet hit … but is this even real?


"Rappin’ for Jesus" was uploadedy a man named Brian Spinney, an Iowan father who claims to have helped the pastor make the music video.

He claims it was made a few years ago (quite a few years ago from the look of the thing) while he was in high school … believable enough, right?


A quick search on Google reveals that there’s no Iowa pastor named Jim or James Colerick; there’s no Jim or James Colerick to be identified, period.

Colerick’s purported place of preaching in the video is a church in Dubuque, Iowa, called the West Dubuque 2nd Church of Christ. That’s a real church.

Or was. Its website’s News section proclaims that it shut down in the summer of 2004. The website showed a flurry of activity in early 2013, however.

Follow the link for the rundown on the rapping pastor, then tell us below: Do you think it’s legit? And were you amused or offended by his rhymes?