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Doctor Who fans around the world were gifted with a Christmas special last night.

But not just any Christmas special.

The BBC epic aired its 800th installment, along with the final episode with Matt Smith in the role of the beloved title character.

He regenerated in the special closing moments, saying goodbye to Clara, seeing Amelia once again and even sharing a moment with Amy Pond.

But then like that – whoosh! – Smith was gone, replaced in the lead role by Peter Capaldi, whose 12th Doctor was very excited about having new kidneys, asking his companion one simple questions: Can she fly the TARDIS?

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“Thank you for all your tweets tonight, glad you enjoyed my small part in tonight’s special," Capaldi Tweeted after his debut. "Stay tuned for the new series! #petercapaldi x”

Did you catch this awesome, moving episode? Watch Doctor Who online to relive the most memorable moments.