Mayra Rosales, "Half-Ton Killer," Loses 800 Pounds, Talks About Murder Trial

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At 1,200 pounds, Mayra Rosales was one of the heaviest women in the world when she confessed to the 2008 death of her 2-year old nephew, earning the moniker the "Half-Ton Killer."

Since being acquitted of the charges, Rosales has lost over 800 pounds.

She now has a clean criminal record and a clean bill of health.

In the five years since her trial, Rosales lost over half her body weight through diet, exercise, and after losing 600 pounds, began undergoing extensive surgeries to remove tumors and excess skin from her frame.

The 33-year old now shows no signs of someone who has battled obesity.

Rosales' trial had all the markings of a three-ring media circus, both due to the nature of the charges against her and her size.

Film crews documented work crews removing walls from her home in order to move Rosales and her king-sized bed to court in a moving truck. 

Half-Ton Killer

She faced the death penalty in the capital murder case, and because of her weight and health, Rosales saw the charges against her as the state doing her a favor.

At the time of her confession, Mayra Rosales wanted to die.

She confessed to crushing her 2-year old nephew to death in order to protect the boy's real killer - his mother, Rosales' sister. Why?

We will soon find out. A documentary about Rosales' life and incredible transformation is set to air December 4 on TLC.