Katy Perry Lip-Syncing, Forced to Start Over and Sing Live at NRJ Music Awards: Watch Now!

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Video captured Katy Perry lip-syncing not once but twice at the NRJ Music Awards in France, as it became obvious she was not lined up with the track.

What happened was Katy was performing "Roar" and very obviously lip-syncing. That's not what makes this noteworthy, as it happens to a lot of stars.

But what happened here is that, incredibly, the host of the show walked in, stopped the whole performance, and made her start over from the beginning!

Using her real voice. It was just really awkward ...

Needless to say, Katy Perry looked embarrassed, and didn't sing that well, but after being humiliated in front of thousands like that, and being sick?

Hard not to feel for her. She's a performer, and a brand, and a great girl, but not a live vocal standout. Never has been ... and to be put on the spot like that?

Just bad. And not Perry's fault, in the opinion of THG.

What do you think above the above clip? Discuss!

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