Britney Spears "I Am Britney Jean" Documentary: Lots of Filler, No Actual Singing

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Britney Spears let cameras inside her world on E!'s two-hour "I Am Britney Jean" documentary last night, and it's ... not as interesting as you might think.

Don't get us wrong. We're glad she's not a total train wreck enveloped by scandal, ravaged by drug abuse or coming apart at the seams again.

It just didn't feel worthy of two HOURS.

The "movie" followed the 32-year-old as she prepared for her upcoming residency at Planet Hollywood, which kicks off this Friday in Las Vegas.

While more of a glorified commercial for her Piece of Me show than any real piece of film, it did offer some insight into her empire, and she's still Britney.

Some of the crucial takeaways from "I Am Britney Jean" if you missed it:

The set list includes "Work Bitch," "Womanizer," "3," "Oops," "Baby One More Time," "Me Against the Music," "Slave 4 U," "Toxic," "Circus," "Scream & Shout," "Till the World Ends," "Piece of Me," "Boys," "Lucky," "I Wanna Go," "Perfume" and "Stronger."

Britney Spears loves sex! "I love sex, I think sex is great," she told the E! cameras, although it feels "a little different about it now that I'm older."

"Sometimes I feel like I'm 20 and sometimes I feel like I'm 50."

Jamie Lynn Spears will kick your ass: "I can kick her ass, any time of the day," Jamie Lynn said about her older sister. "I'll take her down anytime!"

Britney agreed, adding of Jamie Lynn Spears:

"We have gone to battle a couple of times and I will have to say she is very very strong, like surprisingly strong. She nails me to the ground every time."

The show will be cheesy. Britney herself describes it as "very dramatic and over the top" and added, "I think cheesy is good. Extra cheese, honey!"

There will be dancing, says choreographer Anthony Ginandjar:

"The way she retains choreography and picks up choreography is really fast," he said, adding that she is amazing considering the "short amount of time."

There will be theatrics: "The pop star will make at least seven costume changes during the show, and she has a lot of say over what makes the cut."

About that British accent ... "My grandmother, she was from London," Spears explains. "She was always very proper and very together so maybe I get it from her a little bit."

"Hearing the sound of it, it just puts you in a jolly mood."

Remembering the past. In one of the few moments to allude to her troubled past, Brit touched on some of the crazier paparazzi moments in her career.

"There was a time in my life when I couldn't leave the house without 20 cars following me. It was a difficult time, I felt very alienated from the public," she says.

"It was a trying time, it was confusing for me," she continues. "I'm a shy person and I'm particularly not made for this industry because I am so shy."

"I don't deal with it so well."

She's a girl of faith. "I believe there's other forces out there other than us," she revealed. "Angels, guardians, protectors. I definitely believe in Heaven."

"I know there is a place beyond our wildest dreams."

No actual singing to come, however. Well, maybe. There was absolutely no footage of Britney Spears singing live, at least as far as this TV special goes.

Maybe she's just saving her voice in rehearsals?

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