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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills got a little “Irked at Cirque” when they were told to have fun. We recap Kim’s orders, Brandi’s new love interest and Lisa’s hair in our THG +/- review

But first…here’s a gratuitous puppy picture. Plus 25.

Who can resist an adorable Golden Retriever puppy? Although Lisa’s nickname of Rumpy Pumpy…that’s questionable.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion

New girl Carlton gets to know Brandi Glanville a little better at an adult toy store. Plus 18 because one more spa day for these ladies would have bored me to tears.


While Brandi’s looking at heart-shaped handcuffs and lacy thongs, Carlton’s checking out Brandi. She loves Brandi…or is it she’d like to love Brandi? 

Plus 21. That’s a storyline we haven’t seen before on this show. 

But when Brandi says she really wants a man, Carlton gives her some advice. Visualize exactly what you want. Write it down and bury it with a crystal. 

What the heck? Brandi’s game and I kind of hope she goes for it. Could be fun. 

Because that’s where the fun ends…thanks to Kim’s outing. 

Kim invites the ladies to a circus day but there are rules.  Minus 15.

Kim starts with a lecture about how everyone needs to leave their emotional baggage at the door. It’s mostly because she knows Brandi has an issue with Kyle but she’s rambling on and on until Yolanda finally cuts her off.  

Kim calls Yolanda out for being rude…and manages to kill her own fun day. Minus 22. Even Carlton was rolling her eyes. She didn’t show up for a lecture. 

And Carlton will freak out if she sees a clown Plus 33. Me too.

Kyle calls them the mean girls which is kind of funny being that she’s the original mean girl. 

Despite the drama, they all get on the trapeze and the fabric ropes. Of course Brandi is a pro. As Lisa points out, “Brandi’s probably got a swing in her bedroom. Trust me.”  Plus 19. It wouldn’t surprise me at all. 

Finally Brandi confronts Kyle. The paparazzi accosted her in front of her kids and told her Kyle called her a bully. Kyle swears she never said it but it just won’t die. 

Later at lunch, the gossip continues. 

Lisa and Brandi feel Kyle should tweet that the story is false. Minus 15. I’m with Kyle on this one. Why should she have to say anything about the lies the paparazzi tell. 

Then they start beating up on Yolanda…who isn’t there.

Plus 40 to Carlton for sticking up for Yolanda and saying she didn’t feel she was being rude and an extra plus 10 to Brandi who points out that maybe they should talk about Yolanda when she’s there to defend herself. 

Then somehow Joyce jumps in…and it’s just weird.

Joyce pulls Lisa aside and tells her that she’s upset because back when they first met, Lisa snapped at her when she tried to fix her hair.

I couldn’t stop laughing. Lisa’s reaction is priceless. She really doesn’t care but Joyce won’t let it go. Minus 24. 

Perhaps Joyce shouldn’t be touching people’s hair when she’s just met them.

Upset that instead of a heartfelt apology, all that Lisa offers is a “whatever” in a British accent, Joyce stalks off to cry to the girls. 

She’s instantly told she’s being overly dramatic and she defends herself by saying that sometimes people can be bitchy. She’s a total bitch when she’s on her period. 

Plus 22 to Brandi for shooting back, are you on your period now?

Nothing’s more fun than the cattiness of  The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Episode Total = +112!                                            Season total = +227