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The Real Housewives of Atlanta made us wonder if it was “Too Late to Apollo-Gize” or if anyone was even bothering to try? We recap all the half truths and straight out lies in our THG +/- review.

Not sure why Kandi Buress was playing super sleuth when it came to Kenya Moore and Apollo but it was a little weird. Minus 10. Seems like Kandi’s got enough problems in her own family to be worrying so much about Phaedra’s.

But she did make several good points. First of all, crazy Kenya needs to come up with a new saying because Gone With the Wind Fabulous is as tired as I am of Ms. Moore. 

Real Housewives of Atlanta

The two supposed girlfriends met for a different kind of workout that had Kenya quipping, “I’m no stranger to having my legs in the air upside down.” 

Talk about TMI. Minus 22.


Kandi says she would have tried a spin if not for having twisted her ankle. Looks like she fell off her heels. I can’t believe that doesn’t happen more often given what these ladies wear.

But when Kenya starts sharing her text messages from Apollo, the one thing I noticed was that there seemed to be an awful lot of them. Minus 30.

Even though Phaedra says that “the last thing I want to do is give her sagging diaper booty any more energy,” she decided to have dinner with Apollo to hash this out.

It quickly turned into the date from hell. 

Apollo got defensive with the classic, “I’m a grown man. You’re not my mama.” 

I wonder what his Mama would say about him texting single woman while he’s married. Minus 25. 

He swears nothing inappropriate happened…except he was texting a single woman he now admits wanted to have sex with him. 

What’s inappropriate about that? Minus 40.

Then Apollo starts throwing the insults. “Everyone else don’t have to live with you. Everyone else don’t have to go home with you.” 

Can’t imagine why that didn’t help the situation? Minus 33.

But Kenya’s got other issues. NeNe shows up at Kenya’s temporary digs and sees a white refrigerator. Oh the horror! So she must take her friend out to find a new place asap.

They visit a 4000 square foot penthouse with panoramic views…and Kenya scoffs at it. She needs no less than 5000 square feet for her and her little dog.

Seriously does anyone not see through this? The woman got kicked out of her last place and she’s currently living in a dive. I’m guessing there’s no money for a penthouse.

Porsha heads to her therapist to try and figure out her marriage issues. Plus 33. 

Dr. Blake says the question isn’t why Kordell married her but why she married him. Good point. 

Porsha’s lunch with the girls was kind of dull except that she admits Kordell doled out the grocery money and wouldn’t let her sister visit. Minus 15.

As NeNe said, you’ll know it’s right when you make your own money and can treat yourself like a princess. Plus 50!

Episode total = -92!                                             Season total = -331!