Lady Gaga: Straddled By R. Kelly on Oval Office Desk in American Music Awards Performance!

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Lady Gaga and R. Kelly were at it again at Sunday's American Music Awards 2013, getting down and dirty on their new single "Do What U Want."

Last weekend's SNL dry-humping-fest would be tough to top, but this is Mother Monster and R. They were more than up to the task in this case.

At the AMAs, she got straddled by "President Robert" in what appeared to be the Oval Office following a little White House role play of sorts. Oh yes:

The racy duet started with some flirty telephone action between the gross Commander in Chief and ended with a nostalgic twist to Gaga's career.

It seemed to echo Marilyn Monroe's fling with President John F. Kennedy 50 years ago, fitting (we guess) in light of a JFK-news dominated week.

Everything from the blond wig, the beaded dance ensemble, to the bold red lips hinted that the singer was trying to channel her inner Marilyn.

The in-office gyrating? That was just R. being R.

After the seductive tryst, President Kelly denounced having anything to do with the sexy singer, leaving a devastated Gaga to finish the song on her own.

Somewhere, Bill Clinton had to be smiling.

In a nice homage to her whirlwind career, footage showing Gaga as a child playing piano was aired on screen behind her as she belted out the final notes.

Was it the best of the American Music Awards 2013? No, but for a woman who arrived on a horse, it was fitting. Compare it to last week's SNL effort:

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