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The "Knockout" game, in which teens randomly attack helpless strangers with the intention of knocking them out cold in one sucker punch, is a disturbing trend.

Hopefully, this story will help put it to rest.

Teen Shot, Arrested For Playing Knockout Game

As the knockout game gains popularity, it’s also gaining media coverage, and thus, people in major cities are beginning to grow eyes in the back of their heads.

Case in point? A man in Lansing, Michigan, who was accosted by a teenager attempting to taze him as he waited to pick up his daughter at a bus stop.

Tazing is a new addition to the knockout game, and even more dangerous than using fists. It didn’t matter much to "player" Marvell Weaver, however.


Legally carrying a concealed handgun for self-defense, his would-be victim saw the attempted "hit" coming just in time and calmly shot the goon twice.

Weaver was then jailed, tried and convicted after pleading guilty. Let this be a lesson to all those hoping to knock out a stranger (for reasons unknown).

Moral issues aside, it’s just not worth it.

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