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This week on Teen Mom 3, the kiddos celebrated their first birthdays, while the drama continued with the moms as they tried to define their family units.

Briana DeJesus, Katie Yeager, Mackenzie Douthit and Alex Sekella all struggled with their baby daddies – or lack thereof – this week on the reality show.

What confrontations and tensions arose for the fab four?

Read on for THG’s official Teen Mom 3 recap below!

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Mackenzie Douthit and Josh McKee have communication issues. Their friend notes that the couple doesn’t share any of life’s excitement anymore.

As a result, the pal can’t see the two as a couple 20 years into the future, even as they celebrate Gannon’s birthday and have a nice time.

When it’s just them, they run out of things to say. Minus 100.


Mackenzie confides to her friend that the whole “young love” cliche has been shattered, but does convince him to try couples counseling. Plus 150.

On their first trip to their counseling session, they fight.

Every little detail and  every tiny thing is becoming a big deal it shouldn’t be. Josh snaps at Mackenzie and tells her to shut up when she gets heated.

When she picks up his phone, Josh loses his mind.

He pulls over his truck and gets out, saying that whatever they have is not a family, tells her he’s done with her, and threatens to leave her there.

Minus 550 for projecting his anger onto her.

Katie Yeager is still bitter about her split with Joey Maes, but still wants to invite him to Molli‘s first birthday so they can have a real family moment.

Joey doesn’t want to leave his new girlfriend, Brigette, out of this. Katie doesn’t want Brigette there or involved in planning. This causes tension.

Later, Joey texts Katie that he changed his mind. Plus 100 for sharing Molli’s big day together, and really getting along when Molli is involved.

A romantic reconciliation with Joey Maes is out, but if nothing else, they respect each other as parents, and hopefully that trumps all. Plus 200.

Alex Sekella gets a phone call from her school informing her she is missing two credits, will not graduate and has to redo her senior year. Gulp.

She is devastated, after all she’s been through.

On a family vacation to Bermuda, her mom seems to help her calm down as they reflect on all she’s gone through and the tasks that lie ahead.

Matt, meanwhile, reconnects with his friends back home, and eventually texts Alex to meet up. Then he doesn’t show, so she bails. Minus 250.

Briana DeJesus takes some time out of her school work to start planning Nova‘s big first birthday party. Briana invites Devoin for the sweet event.

Diapers in hand, he shows. Plus 50.

Devoin is shocked at how much Nova has grown, and despite the obvious faults, Briana wants to encourage the little things … anything, right now.

The women in Briana’s life just want her to not have to rely on a man, and are so impressed with how great of a job she has been doing solo.

While Briana tells Devoin that she doesn’t need him for anything, Nova does. She’s still not looking for him to show up every once in a while.

Preach on. Plus 200.