Silk Road: Back Online, Dread Pirate Roberts Declares!

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Welcome back to freedom.

With those words, the Dread Pirate Roberts himself declared Silk Road open for business once again, following the FBI raid that shut it down this fall.

Yes, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Silk Road is back up and ready to serve as your torrent-based online hookup for god only knows what.

Silk Road Marketplace

"This overhaul marks the dawn of a brand new era for hidden services," proudly wrote the DPR on Reddit, where the grand reopening was announced.

While acknowledging that the FBI shut down Silk Road, he claims its strategy do "divide, conquer and eliminate" failed and the site is fully operational.

The Dread Pirate Roberts says that a surge in Bitcoin deposits is expected when the transaction system opens, despite reports of recent seizures.

"In the event of Silk Road’s demise once more," he writes, the new security measures will ensure that no Silk Road member will lose their Bitcoins.

"We have learned hard lessons from the unfortunate events of recent weeks, and the man hours that have gone into this new release are phenomenal."

"We look forward to helping Silk Road grow on the back of these lessons, and look forward to helping this community flourish even more beautifully than before."

Flourish beautifully, it will.

He says a large percentage of revenue is earmarked for "good causes, charities, and organizations who support our cause or have similar interests."

"But without a doubt," he acknowledges, "the re-launch of our beloved marketplace will create a ripple throughout the world’s various media channels."

"Not all of these channels will see [this] as positive."

"You don’t need telling that there are powerful media outlets controlled by various world governments, who will seek to muddy our name and reputation."

"In light of the FBI’s recent ‘victory’, it would be impossible for Silk Road to stay off the radar," and thus, "it is our responsibility to make sure our mark on the radar is the right one."

"So I would advise you all to prepare yourself for a spike in media attention, and review your personal security measures to ensure your anonymity is protected."

"But let us not allow it to stop our fight, either ... it is now time to simply pick ourselves back up, dust ourselves off, and continue fighting this revolution like we’ve never fought it before."

"Let us never forget this recent hurdle in our battle for freedom."

More inspirational words have never been spoken ... about the reopening of an online black market from which you can have illegal products mailed to your house.

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